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Why a Blog on Holiness?

August 17, 2013


You may be thinking to yourself, ‘why in the world would anyone want to write about holiness standards? Doesn’t she know that all that is going to do is start debates?’

The truth is, we need to be talking about holiness, now more than ever. And if some of my posts spark debates, well, that is just a very good indication that someone’s conscience was pricked and God has brought them under conviction. Yes, some people will get offended. Some will get their feelings hurt and some will get downright angry. But you know what? God has laid this on my heart and I am going to follow through and do as He says. If you are one of those people who gets hurt or angry or feels guilty, then I suggest you get on your knees somewhere and pray.

But if you want to talk about it feel free to contact me. I will gladly help you any way that I can.

See, people seem to think that the Bible is ‘old fashioned’ and that the principles applied to ‘the olden days’ but are not really for today. I have actually heard people, Christians, argue that they don’t follow many of the things that the Bible teaches because the world has changed so much that it doesn’t really apply to today.


The reason the world has changed so much is because people stopped following the Bible! That is why morals loosened and values became lax. That is why you can’t rent a movie from Redbox because they are all either PG-13 or worse (sorry, even 1 F word is too much). People stopped living by the Bible and our society has degraded to a point where it is on the verge of collapse.

Folks, it isn’t the president or a political party, its the values of the people within the society that are driving our country into the ground. True, the political parties and elected officials are making decisions but every time YOU pull that lever and cast your vote, every time YOU buy or rent an R rated movie, every time you dress inappropriately showing cleavage or wearing short skirts, every time you use curse words, every time you tell that ‘little white lie’ you are knocking another chink into the foundation of our society.

As Christians we can no longer accept the standards of society. As Christians we can no longer look the other way when sin is presented to us and we are told to accept it. As Christians we must open our Bibles and live the way that God said we should live.

So why a blog on holiness?

Because the status quo just isn’t working. It is time to find God again, folks. It is time to live for Him.

And what does holiness look like in today’s society? Stick with me and you will find out.

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