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Oh, How you Dress!

August 22, 2013

Modesty is beautiful

I have heard people say, “God doesn’t care about the way I dress.”

Consider this, though. (and this goes for men too)

The way you dress reflects your level of commitment to God.
The way you dress reflects your spiritual maturity.
The way you dress reflects the spirit that is dominating you.

So if you are wearing revealing (showing skin/cleavage, clingy or tight) clothes, you are dressed in a sexual manner. While it may be revealing your skin and sexuality, it is also revealing the spirit dominating you.

Vanity and pride of life can also play into this.

If you are wearing sloppy clothing, that is revealing of the spirit dominating you which is affecting your relationship with God.

It is a reflection of your relationship with God. And if you dress like that in the House of God, well that just shows a blatant lack of respect for God.

Don’t get me wrong, I have slouchy clothes that I wear around the house. My favorite skirt is stained and has some bleach spots. It is well worn. (But it still comes well below my knees.) I would never wear it in public, though.

Why do I care about how I dress in public and why should you care how you dress in public? Because the Bible tells us that we should never be responsible for leading someone else astray.

That means whether you do it consciously or if someone you don’t even know is influenced by your actions you are still responsible. See, I don’t have to be aware of leading someone astray in order for it to happen – or for me to be responsible for it.

The Bible also tells us that we are to dress modestly, appropriately and gender appropriate. It says that we are to be an example for others, that we are to be a living testimony of Jesus living within us.

The Bible also says that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. So how are you going to dress up that temple? Are you going to desecrate it with sexual drapings or are you going to wrap it in modest reverence?

If you are truly living for God, you are doing it 24/7, not just a couple of hours on Sunday and maybe an hour on Wednesday. No, EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of your life should reflect holiness and a life that is Christ centered. That includes dress.


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  1. Tina Rackley permalink

    I whole heartedly agree! May I share this?

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